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Alessandra Pescetta

I was born in 1966, in the humid and foggy countryside in Veneto. This pale light where everything was mysteriously hazy, helped bring to life my first virtual stage, where I imagined what did all that fog hide.
Imagining! Re-creating! Welcoming the vision!
I started my search for matter: through the art of dancing which I've been studying for years and later through painting, at the Art Academy in Venice with Fabrizio Plessi, where the obsession for the body started being part of my first works of video-art.
I moved to Milano in 1992 and I nurtured this art working at music videos (for artists such as Elisa, Ligabue, Subsonica, Planet Funk, Elio e le Storie Tese, Articolo 31) and working at commercials (among which Campari Mixx , Lancia y, Disaronno, Bvlgari, Muller, Seat) and at the same time I kept sailing in the shallow and futuristic waters of video-art experimentation.
In 2003 I founded, together with my working/life partner Giovanni Calcagno, La Casa dei Santi, where I work directing art videos, drama plays and performances among which the trilogy of feminine myth (Pythia, A feast for Roses, Medea), the trilogy on human macrocosm (Epigrams I, II, III) and the trilogy about the myth of Venus (Venus's wake), attending international film and art festivals.
In 2005 I deepened my film experience attending a course at "Fare cinema" school with Marco Bellocchio, an author who has always inspired me.
In 2011 I completed the piece Living Will Hunter, made in a particular photo-video painting technique and I've worked with the masters Giò Fronti and Monique Arnaud at the project SAKURA, a tribute to Fukushima.
Since 2002 I've been holding different laboratories and workshops among which "Conception and Shooting of Commercials" at Brescia's La Cattolica S.T.A.R.s University, faculty of Arts and Philosophy, and since 2011 I've been holding the Digital Video lab. at the Cignaroli's Art Academy in Verona.
In 2005 I won the bronze lion for a social film at the 52th International Advertising Festival, in Cannes Lions, for the film "Reverse" about anorexia.
At the moment I'm living between Milano and Sicily; my multidisciplinary path is the continuous search for communication and contamination among the different art expressions.

The multidisciplinary work of Alessandra Pescetta goes through cinema, video-art, photography, music video and advertising. At the base of her research there is the human body seen as a temple and its rituality.

She was born in Verona region in 1966, she studied ballet and painting as a child and after the Art Diploma in Verona, in 1985 she moved to Venice to achieve a degree at the Art Academy in 1989. Here she learned from the Maestro Fabrizio Plessi, who gave her important teachings to guide her through the video-art environment, besides the significant film education with professor Carlo Montanaro. At the same time she kept studying ballet at the Classic Ballet School Iride Sauri and attended various modern and contemporary dance workshops. Those were important experiences for her expressive research which will come to life in her music videos and commercials.

Experimental video art
Between 1991 and 1996 she lived in Rome and Milano and she studied scriptwriting and directed her first music videos. In 1994 she directed the experimental film INnaturale, with video-installations by Giovanni Albanese, critical essays by Achille Bonito Olia, Ludovico Pratesi, Cecilia Casorati, and attended international film festivals in Cork, Edinburgh and Clemont-Ferrant, the Contemporary Barcellona film festival, and various other exhibitions among which the Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa in Venice.

Music videos
Since 1996 she's been working as a successful music video director and directed videos for some of the most important Italian artists (Elisa, Ligabue, Subsonica, Planet Funk, Elio e le Storie Tese, Articolo 31, etc) She directed videos for foreign artists as well, such as Agnes (London) and Najwa Karam (Beirut).

In 1999 she paves her way in the advertising world by signing with BRW & Partners, one of the major Italian production companies, directing commercials for Campari, Campari Mixx , Audi, Lancia y etc and since 2004 she's been carrying on a career as a free-lance director working with Italian and international production companies and directing commercials for Disaronno, Bvlgari, Muller, Seat Cordoba, Grisbì, Grissinbon, Seat Leon, etc.

In-depth studies
Between 2001 and 2003 she took acting and theatrical direction classes at the Teatri Possibili di Milano school, held by Corrado D'Elia.
In 2005 among other internships and art in-depth courses she attended, she took part in the laboratory Fare Cinema held by Marco Bellocchio.

Main Awards
- In 2000 at the MEI (Meeting of Independent Labels) in Faenza, she won the prize for best music video of the '90 for the song Sangue Impazzito by Timoria (co-direction with A.Orlowsky).
- In 2002 at Corto Potere Film Festival, "I laghi di Marte" achieves the special mention for best direction for the short film Homotaurilia.
- In 2003 she wins the Italian festival for corporate communication as director of the year with the commercial Campari Mixx.
- In 2003 she wins the best direction award at the Ravenna Corti Da Sogno Film Festival, with the short film Ti ricordi di Fox?
- In 2005 she wins the bronze lion at the Cannes Lions 52th International Advertising Festival, for the social film CRISALIDE Reverse about anorexia.
- She wins, in Rome, the prize for best video art film at in 2006 with A feast for Roses.
- In 2010 she wins the Mediastar prize for best direction for the commercial Grissinbon.

The House of Saints
In 2003 she founds the art group La Casa dei Santi (The House of Saints), together with Giovanni Calcagno (actor for Mario Martone, Marco Bellocchio, Pasquale Scimeca, director and author) giving life to a common artistic path.
The themes characterizing the work of La Casa dei Santi are those of classic and pre-classic myths, those paths leading to the search for a universal knowledge and that are capable of marking the meaning of modern man in the present.
The languages used (Theatre, music, poetry, cinema, and video in its broader sense) are witnesses of a certain eclecticism, but also, and above all, of the will to reach a multimedia and harmonic art 'summa'. Hence the desire of La Casa dei Santi to convey a hand-crafted quality to the processes of composition and a mysterious depth to the work even when state-of-the-art techniques and technologies are used.

Cross-disciplinary activities
Alessandra, along with her art studies, since 2005 attends a Hara yoga class with the Master Giò Fronti, in Milano at the Dojo Sheegana. Since 2006 attends several psycho-genealogy laboratories held by Cristobal Jodorowsky .

Teaching activity
Since 2002 she's been involved into teaching activities and has been working at Brescia's faculty of Arts and Philosophy at the Cattolica Art Science and Technologies University. She holds a laboratory named Conception and Shooting of Commercials. In the same university in 2003 she held the laboratory of Video Art and Music Video. She also lectures several film workshops and laboratories among which: 2004, at Milano's IULM (specialty course), as part of the course of Contemporary Art, a workshop on Film Frame Composition, Milano State University, (humanistic communication degree), 2001, Bologna's DAMS 2008 Politecnico di Torino, (Faculty of Architecture), 2007 Rovereto's Mart Short Film Workshop 2009 and 2010: 9 days 3 minutes for the environment held in collaboration with Giovanni Calcagno at the Art Gallery of Paternò (CT) .
In 2011 she held the laboratory DIGITAL VIDEO at the Cignaroli's Art Academy of Verona and the workshop Image Meditation, the conscious vision at Milano's IULM.

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